One suitcase, one plane ticket and a plan for a new life. That’s how most of the time our lives change. 

    In our world, a large number of people have had to leave behind a life they know and love, for the chance at a life that might prove to be better, and at some point in their lives, they’ve had to ask themselves: “Is this really better?” In many parts of the world, there is a person celebrating an anniversary, one that marks a goodbye and a welcome, a closed door and the opening of a window. 

   Today I wish to celebrate you for the strength that you have shown in making that change a positive one; even if the change was not at your request but at the hands of someone else. 

     Some of us moved to a new country or a new state even a new city by the choice of others and had to learn about new rules, make new friends and go to new schools, new jobs because it served a benefit to the leading parties involved in the decision.

 Today I celebrate you because you learned to cope and make the best of the decision that brought you to where you are now. May you be blessed for the strength you have shown to make the best of a tough moment in your life; know that you are loved and that you are admired for your hard work and success in an environment that was completely different to what you were used to. 

Whether you went across town or across the ocean I salute you and bless you for making your new town your home. 

Moments In time

A moment in time is all we need to build a lasting memory.

Make sure that the memories you are making are the ones you want to come back to,  we are faced every second of the day with a million moments in time, but very few will be quite clear when we try to retrieve them.  therefore we must make a record of each and every moment that has just imprinted in our hearts.

I get teased for taking pictures of moments that are to others not quite special, but as I look back on some of this photos I find that I was right to take them as they now share the details of a story regarding reaction to a birthday gift, I truly believe that a photo album or a scrapbook holds more than just tidbits, you can open a page and retell a story,  I have been keeping a journal too as it absolutely can hold a story, a word, and even a picture, My journal entries are not daily, but they are frequent. give yourself a minute at night to record a moment in time, and come back to it later to find yourself smiling at the memory, we live in world of constant chaos and  change, it is a good idea to have a tidbit of a slow down moment (not so long ago) where we stopped to admire a butterfly.

Why Moments in time? because history is built of moments in time, good ones, bad ones and everything in between, therefore it is up to us to make sure that within all the moments that will be written in history our moment is the inspiring one, that one that holds hope and happiness.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. Albert Einstein
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Quote of the Day

To change your view all you need to do is open a door or a window and realize that it is in your hands to make the present situation a beginning to other adventures. It is all in our hands so long as we have faith and are willing to change the view.

No other person can achieve our goals for us, and nobody can give you what makes you happy for the long run, ice cream and cake are great, and the high lasts but only for a moment.

  “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”– Albert Einstein

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A Brand New Day


Who am I?

I am a nature lover, I can sit with you and say nothing while we enjoy a breathtaking sunset, I’ll be up by dawn if you promise me a view of an uplifting sunrise. For me, life is a constant view of amazing reasons to be alive, to be thankful, and to enjoy that which surrounds me. From the flutter of a butterfly to the chirping of a parakeet, the waving flowers of spring, it is all a reason to take a deep breath and find your happiness.

True; life is hard but that is where the challenge lies, for us to find our place here in this ever-changing world, I am one who struggles like the next person, but at the end of the day, everything happens for a reason. So as I said before, who am I?  I was born in Guatemala and raised in California. and that’s where my love for nature comes from. I grew up admiring the plants at home, the mountains that surrounded the city and the ocean waves. Welcome to my world, where beauty is but a step away.


My new adventure

Here we go, this the beginning of a road, that I have been staring at for quite some time now, and today is that day.

Here I would like to share with you,  life experiences, thoughts, inspirational phrases, even recipes. I am hoping that we can be friends. Who am I? well, let me tell you.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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