Roxie the raccoon who was really a “cat.”

Yup that is how I was introduced to this furball, the box read RACOON, I was so excited and sad at the same time. See a few years back I had received a kitten barely a few weeks old, who came to my home and tore the place apart unintentionally on his first day there. Continue reading “Roxie the raccoon who was really a “cat.””

To Our Class Of 2020!

This is for YOU!  Dedicated to My children of Durango Highschool Choir Las Vegas NV. For all the hard work that got you here; for the four years of homework and last-minute projects, the performing arts presentations the sports events, social activities, for moving forward to the next chapter in life, for staying strong inContinue reading “To Our Class Of 2020!”

New Meanings

Breathe free! at this point in time I feel like even breathing is very limited, it’s hard to feel free in any way. I still work at the office we haven’t been closed yet we are (essential). My loved ones are safe at home, but i can feel how restricted we are, because the realityContinue reading “New Meanings”

An ant’s life is about hard work

Our planet, our earth, our world. As a human race we take possession of everything we can get our hands on. I try to acknowledge the fact that it is not just my world, but that of the all the species that live in it, the animals, the plants and all the microscopic life thatContinue reading “An ant’s life is about hard work”


Month 3; here I am waiting for that miracle to happen, and though I know that it is up to me to make it happen, I continue to sit here simply waiting.  I had forgotten about the early bird, the first sunrise, and even the whisper of the morning. I had forgotten that Air, Water, Fire, and EarthContinue reading “Procrastination”