To Our Class Of 2020!

This is for YOU! 

Dedicated to My children of Durango Highschool Choir Las Vegas NV.

For all the hard work that got you here;
for the four years of homework and last-minute projects, the performing arts presentations
the sports events, social activities,
for moving forward to the next chapter in life,
for staying strong in these challenging times.

Though it may feel like some things have been denied to you this year; important traditions and rites of passage that are once in a lifetime events such as High School Graduation!

We want you to know that we have not forgotten all your hard work, all the missed events, the last moments of high school life, and the harsh push to grow up quickly.
Take a moment and breathe in the childhood memories that all seniors take with them at graduation. Cherish them and hold them close to your heart.
Move forward with your head held high; though we may not get to see you walk, we will honor your achievement.

Today: Let’s celebrate YOU!

Parents and friends let’s take a moment to congratulate our seniors and give them that highlight that says: You Did It!
Graduation ceremonies across the nation will not take place, but we can make it unified by letting them know what they mean to us.
Let them know that it is a SPECIAL and an IMPORTANT moment for us too!

Here today, this is for our CLASS OF 2020:

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