New Meanings

Breathe free! at this point in time I feel like even breathing is very limited, it’s hard to feel free in any way. I still work at the office we haven’t been closed yet we are (essential). My loved ones are safe at home, but i can feel how restricted we are, because the reality is; we are questioning what was I exposed to, while out there? what have I brought in? I am not exposed to much really except my coworkers who I have to trust are practicing safety too. My field of work is not in anyway like the store clerks, or any of our heroes in the frontlines of care, but it is hard to be free. I miss the beach days, the mountain air or just walking over to the lake, I moved to this town in hopes of living a life of outdoor freedom, though I did not do much of it because of work schedules, I did have some amazing weekends since we moved here 6 months ago.

Open is the word i’m waiting for, open to the public, open for business, open to breath, the more we stay closed the sooner we can be out in the open again.

Open means having the freedom to go places without restrictions, open to see the sights, talk to people, shop, walk and simply sit under a tree at the park while the rest of the people walk by. Open means freedom and health. I did not realise how much I took for granted every detail of my life until now. I have a clear picture of the things I need to change. I am restlessly waiting for the doors to open to the world again.

I miss the open world. with its borders and limitations, with its beauty that is still there. I saw a sunrise the other day and a sunset yesterday but I saw them from a window, Its ok I guess I must be thankful that I can see it. I do hope that our world will be open, once this situation is under control. open for humanity to rise again to the beauty of the great creation we can call “the open world”. The picture included here is of an evening around christmas with the mall parking lot filled with traffic, and the other an event that took place one year ago with my family and friends. I miss the open air activities.

Open Air

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I am a writer, Medical Assistant, Mom, Wife, Sister, Friend, Passionate reader, Faithful Believer.

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