An ant’s life is about hard work

Our planet, our earth, our world. As a human race we take possession of everything we can get our hands on. I try to acknowledge the fact that it is not just my world, but that of the all the species that live in it, the animals, the plants and all the microscopic life that we cannot see. This world is a complex one, but many of the species thrive no matter how hard it might be.

It’s lunch time and the room is full of people, go about their meal, and the atmosphere is heavy as they want to release the tension of the morning calls. I have been going to eat at this little garden by the parking lot. There are no actual seats, but the little wall that holds up the garden makes for a good spot beneath a tree that gives good shade from the 107-degree heat of the city. As I enjoy my meal, I began to take notice of the natural life that surrounded me. There were pigeons, brown wild birds, and even a couple hummingbirds. On the ground there were some ants, and even a little beetle, but it was the ants that caught my attention. They walked as if on an invisible marked path. I accidentally dropped a cookie crumb; it was quite big, maybe the size of two grains of rice.

I watched this little ant come around to the crumb, and as if measuring it, the ant moved around it, then walked back to the edge of the curb. The tiny creature came back around and picked up the crumb, then began its journey around the pebbles, over the branch, under the leaf and up a twig where it fell and dropped the crumb, into a tiny ditch. The ant went passed the twigs and leaves that filled the ditch and found its crumb laying on top of a small bottle cap. The tiny creature went about picking up the crumb, then proceeded to move on to its destination.

As I watched this ant make its way home, I was mesmerized by the technique, and I couldn’t help but think, ‘Why do we stay at a standstill for a lack of trying? Why do we as humans give up so easily?’ Not all of us; but the truth is that a high majority do. We sometimes lack the motivation to make our goals complete. The mindset of the ant is to get the food home, no matter what it takes. The heat of the afternoon sun on the concrete didn’t faze it, the heavy weight of the load it carried was not an issue, it had a mission to accomplish.  I have always admired the gumption of those who live by the mottoes “early to bed, early to rise” or “the early bird catches the worm.” I can get up early but never make it to bed early. And the lack of sleep causes me to be tired and sleepy I am sure that it happens to others. If only they could stop to see an ant at work, they might be open to change.  I have been inspired by an ant to change my current state. To work hard for my goals and dreams. only thru hard word work will success be achieved.

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I am a writer, Medical Assistant, Mom, Wife, Sister, Friend, Passionate reader, Faithful Believer.

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