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The day finally arrived, off to the airport we went, this trip had been in the works for two years, here we were packed and ready to go. I realized that the more I gave in the more I felt at ease with my self, I knew that the daily worries of everyday life would still be there when we came back, and the monsters under my bed had attempted to follow me, but for the first time in a long time I was willing to ignore the tribulations of daily life and take in the view from a different culture.   I looked at the view out my window and told myself that the radiant beauty of the present I was living had to take up all the space available and that in the near future I would be back to worrying about life in general but for now, for today I was in paradise and that needed to be acknowledged.

The past 10 days were about nature, beauty, and peace, I learned that to enjoy life, you must be at peace

with yourself, and to accept the reality you have made for your everyday life, change is always in our hands. If we choose to sit and let things be what they are, we will never be happy, because doing what we must; but not what we could, may lead to self-regret, I also discovered that by procrastinating I am simply closing doors that might lead to that paradise that I hope for every day. I hold the key to my happiness and in turn that happiness can be spread to those around me. I have been sitting idle for a long time now, and truth be told as much as I hate it, I am quite comfortable because let’s admit it we are almost always afraid of change even if that means a better view.

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This trip opened my eyes to the reality that I have made for myself, and thought it is not the place I wish to be it is the door to the place I want to reach, hard work and spiritual healing are the way to begin clearing the road to a life of self-acceptance in a world filled with negativity, I have learned that it is up to me to make it or break it. each one of us is born with a bag full of strategies to succeed, and as children, we use them each and every day, but as we grow; the rules and regulations of others block our paths and we grow up to be just like them, sometimes not for the better.

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Our ancestors were willing to work hard, rise early and be proactive, and not let others and their fears or bad attitude inflict upon them or guilt them to act differently, they pushed forward in the name of self-assurance, I come from a long line of hard-working people, not the recent lines but the ones who came from the land the ones who knew no technology, the ones who picked corn of the fields, and washed laundry up the river. I wonder where in my life did I forget all of that, and so I can say that these past few days have opened my eyes to a reality that I had put under my bed in hopes to one day I would see it grow all on its own, I am getting up to claim all that I know I can achieve, today is the day, that day that began four months ago and that I chose to sweep under the rug for another day. Come with me and let’s find ourselves, its time to find out who we are and where we come from. Thank you to all who made this trip a precious moment in my life.

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