Getting Lost

I love nature and have discovered that my city has many natural wonders and others that have been placed by man. but even those are very spiritual, Today I will share with you the backyard of my city, we live in Las Vegas and of course it’s all about the glam and glitz, but for those of us who live here, there is a getaway that is just minutes away, sadly not many of us know about it.

I like to drive and so after having been here and feeling the heat I needed a getaway and this is what I have discovered. minutes away in any direction the city has beautiful parks that can let you forget about the hustle and bustle of the big city, then you have the mountains, heading to Red Rock, or even Mount Charleston, there is also  a lake, and so in just a matter of minutes us locals can find a place to recharge our batteries, to bring our spirit back  to a stable condition.

A Day at Calico Basin

As you make your way through the city you will discover that beyond the city skylights there is in any direction a place where nature lives happily, even in the desert heat, and city lights. come and see our backyard, it is beautiful and full of life. oh and yes most of these beauties I have found them because I got lost on the road to other activities, so I took the directions to them and came back with the family to share with them the majestic sights that I had found.

Hoover Dam Nevada side
Sunset Park, Las Vegas
Calico Basin Springs


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