Moments In time

A moment in time is all we need to build a lasting memory.

Make sure that the memories you are making are the ones you want to come back to,  we are faced every second of the day with a million moments in time, but very few will be quite clear when we try to retrieve them.  therefore we must make a record of each and every moment that has just imprinted in our hearts.

I get teased for taking pictures of moments that are to others not quite special, but as I look back on some of this photos I find that I was right to take them as they now share the details of a story regarding reaction to a birthday gift, I truly believe that a photo album or a scrapbook holds more than just tidbits, you can open a page and retell a story,  I have been keeping a journal too as it absolutely can hold a story, a word, and even a picture, My journal entries are not daily, but they are frequent. give yourself a minute at night to record a moment in time, and come back to it later to find yourself smiling at the memory, we live in world of constant chaos and  change, it is a good idea to have a tidbit of a slow down moment (not so long ago) where we stopped to admire a butterfly.

Why Moments in time? because history is built of moments in time, good ones, bad ones and everything in between, therefore it is up to us to make sure that within all the moments that will be written in history our moment is the inspiring one, that one that holds hope and happiness.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. Albert Einstein
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I am a writer, Medical Assistant, Mom, Wife, Sister, Friend, Passionate reader, Faithful Believer.

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