A Brand New Day


Who am I?

I am a nature lover, I can sit with you and say nothing while we enjoy a breathtaking sunset, I’ll be up by dawn if you promise me a view of an uplifting sunrise. For me, life is a constant view of amazing reasons to be alive, to be thankful, and to enjoy that which surrounds me. From the flutter of a butterfly to the chirping of a parakeet, the waving flowers of spring, it is all a reason to take a deep breath and find your happiness.

True; life is hard but that is where the challenge lies, for us to find our place here in this ever-changing world, I am one who struggles like the next person, but at the end of the day, everything happens for a reason. So as I said before, who am I?  I was born in Guatemala and raised in California. and that’s where my love for nature comes from. I grew up admiring the plants at home, the mountains that surrounded the city and the ocean waves. Welcome to my world, where beauty is but a step away.


Published by seashellsandwaves

I am a writer, Medical Assistant, Mom, Wife, Sister, Friend, Passionate reader, Faithful Believer.

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